Top 8 Home Remodeling Trends

Home Improvement, the sitcom starring popular comedian and former cocaine smuggler Tim Allen, was a mainstay in my household during the majority of its 8 year run. It is the story of a every-man television host of a home improvement (GET IT!??!?!) show trying to retain his masculinity in a household with his wife and three young children. It was never a great show, or barely a good one, but I still have fond memories of wondering what kind of deformity plagued Wilson that kept the cameras from showing his full face. Only one problem with the inspirational photo: the story was about applying a finish to the particular nightstand, not how to build it. That meant I had to draw plans based roughly off the photo in the magazine. While that can be a challenge and certainly adds time to the project, the process of drafting plans helps keep you sharp, makes sure you stay keenly aware of attention to detail, and gives you an enormous sense of pride when the project is complete and you can say you built the nightstands from rough sawn lumber with your own plans.home improvement

Many bunny owners know that rabbits love toilet paper tubes and will invent all sorts of games with the empties, but if your bun starts getting bored with the regular empty rolls, try to mix it up a little. Do one of the things below and see what your rabbit thinks.

Getting your chimney inspected and serviced regularly is part of being a responsible homeowner. It is important to have a clean chimney for safety and better heat. Otherwise, toxic fumes could be released into your home or fires could be sparked. So, add a chimney inspection to your home improvement list and ensure your safety.

Actually Pretty Funny : Brad and Randy were big practical jokers in the early seasons. Jill would usually take a very disciplinary stance on said pranks, but it would often be undercut by Tim, who could barely conceal the fact that he found their pranks hilarious. That’s because, Like Father, Like Son , Tim was an infamous prankster, as shown on Halloween episodes.

A couple of days ago I went shopping for some hardwoods to use in my woodworking shop. There’s not a pressing need for it immediately, but I do have a couple of projects in mind and thought I’d get the hardwoods in need well in advance of the projects starting so the wood has time to acclimate to our home’s environment.

There is lots of fun to be had here. The jokes are plentiful, and the situations are completely relatable. There are times it’s hard to understand why Jill hasn’t killed Tim since he can be so clueless, yet I like the fact that they still work everything out by the end of the show. Ultimately, there is a love in this family that makes the rest of the show so much fun to watch. I do wish Tim weren’t so mean in his put downs at times, especially to Al, although Al begins to hold his own a bit more. I especially loved watching them reverse roles when they fill in on a cooking show in one episode.