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What You Must Ask To Your Real Estate Agent? When dealing with any type of property transaction, it is extremely important that you hire a professional real estate agent who you can trust in doing everything that they claim most especially when it comes to working with your best interests. And because of this, it is important that you avoid working with anyone in random. Rather, it’ll be better if you will take the chance to sit down with them and discuss about the services they’re offering. When you do, keep the following questions in mind and make your decision based on their answer. Question number 1. What’s your experience – you have to ask the agent on how long they’ve been working in this business aside from the properties they’ve sold recently. They should be able to give you a long list of sales that they are willing to show off. The secret here is trying to identify whether the properties they’ve worked with before bear similarities to yours both in build type and location. This is going to show you that the real estate agent is really capable of working with properties likes yours which can result to higher rate of success when selling.
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Question number 2. What’s the state of local market – a great and reliable agent must be aware of the state of market both on local and national level. Truth is, local might be more important but some are operating nationwide. Make inquiries on how the market fairs locally and analyze their answer. Always remember that you are seeking for their honesty so if the potential candidate don’t hesitate to talk of recent dips, then they are more likely to be someone you can trust. If they are trying to lead you away from the subject or perhaps, do not demonstrate adequate knowledge, then don’t hesitate to move on to your next prospect.
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Question number 3. What’s your marketing plan – they must know how to market it to a big audience with a certain focus on attracting segments that are likely to be interested in buying that particular type of house for any agent to make a successful sale. Ask them how they plan to advertise and market that the house is for sale and to what they can do beyond sticking a signboard in front of the lawn and list the property for sale on their website. Question number 4. How many clients you currently have – real estate agents with plenty of clients are certainly doing good but they may not be ideal for your needs at times. If their attention is spread so thin, then you might soon find yourself struggling in getting info regarding the transaction and to where everything stands.