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What Is An Expungement Lawyer?

If an individual is convicted for felony charges, a criminal record will be created after. And mainly because of this criminal record, it is quite difficult to be hired by any company and land a respectable or high position. Mainly for employment purposes, the state government has allowed the expungement of criminal records because of this.

With this, it frees up the person from his or her record of criminal conviction. In an effort to get a clearance of your criminal records or sealed, it will be necessary to call a felony expungement lawyer. Such legal professional is going to further explain what expungement is all about. As you have a criminal record, expunged means destroying or sealing the arrest records which will then help you to qualify for a job that you are eligible for. The job of your expungement lawyer is to guarantee that both your booking photos as well as fingerprints are destroyed from police records.

In an effort to expunge the criminal record, there are some fundamental rules that should be followed. Good and experienced expungement lawyer knows the requirements and formalities involved in the process. You’re going to receive proper guidance all along with the experience and knowledge they have.
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Number 1. Basic requirements for getting the conviction expunged is required passage of time. Expungement lawyers are going to make sure that their clients have fulfilled the requirements in specific period of time. The timeframe begins after all of the sentence conditions are finished.
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Number 2. Your lawyer is going to explain whether or not your conviction is eligible for expungement. This is mainly because of the reason that some serious and violent crimes don’t fall under expungement and state government has the right to reserve on such requirement.

Number 3. Another situation that can make you fail to get expungement is when you’re convicted for another crime that’s committed after the crime to which you seek expungement for. To know more about this, you better have a talk with your lawyer and have them explain it to you.

Number 4. If you want to get an expungement, your lawyer will file for a motion in getting a court order which is signed by your judge. It is additionally essential to present a criminal history report.

Number 5. If it is required by the law to have a case hearing, then it is your felony expungement lawyer who will guide you in each step of the way to ensure that you are going to have a favorable outcome.

If you want the entire process of expungement to run smoothly and with less of a hassle at the same time, consider hiring such professional felony expungement attorney as they will guide and assist you all throughout the way.