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Homeowners are spending nearly 60 percent more on home improvement projects than a year ago, despite a climate of economic and political uncertainty. Notes: Calculated as a four-quarter trailing sum.Cashed out” indicates the dollar volume of equity cashed-out through refinancing of prime, first-lien conventional mortgages. Excludes the refinancing of FHA and VA loans, and refinance loans originated in the subprime market. Home equity credit lines indicates amount of the open line of credit, not the amount that has been utilized.

On the West Coast, the report projects a significant increase in spending on home improvements in the Sacramento metro area, where house prices recovered more slowly from the Great Recession than in other parts of the state. In contrast, spending is expected to increase only modestly or decline slightly in the Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose, where leading indicators suggest housing markets may be approaching their cyclical peaks. In metro areas across the Mountain and Pacific Northwest regions, growth rates are also expected to vary widely, from a low of just under 2 percent in the Las Vegas metro to a high of nearly 10 percent in the Salt Lake City area.

Yes, 25.4% of all sales in the 2nd Quarter were 100% or higher than the list price. What I am finding is that when the home sells at list price or greater, it is usually in the first seven days of the listing and usually has more than one offer simultaneously. The type of listing that tends to get 100% or more of their list price are beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods that are correctly priced and there aren’t many or any competing listings.

If you can’t let your bunny have outdoor time, you may want to grow her some grass of her own. Any sort of plastic pan will work as a planter and then just start some grass seed in it in some dirt and keep it watered. When the grass is nice and tall, give it to your pet as a nice treat.

On balance, I found many of Marie Kondo’s tips useful. Her way of sorting possessions category by category, makes a daunting task more manageable. She has some good ideas about how to make the most of limited storage space. And I like the way she focuses on creating a calm home environment. However, I find the spiritual aspect of her system less inspiring.

Initially I was only going to remove the screen door and the casing board on the right side of the doorway, but later I noticed that the siding was installed in a less-than-desirable manner. You see, the siding butted up against the door casing. After a little research, I discovered that the end of the side (in this case, up against the doorway) SHOULD be capped off with a vertical J channel. (Here’s a great Web site that shows the various siding installation pieces Click on the house drawing to view their useful animation that shows which side components are used on a home.) With a J channel, any water that works its way along with siding towards the door will be hit the J channel and head down to the rubber roof.home improvement